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The Festival


Tourism world has brought Bali, Indonesia into several challenging time recently. The global phenomena’s has put Bali into deep reflection of sustainability of multi sectors economy for the future. Learning from local history, Bali has been actively adapting their paths, as early from the 4th century through the 13th.

Adapting, reinventing or interpreting the outside cultures to be their proud culture product and phenomena’s, on anthropological sense.

Through all efforts has been made on Bali revival strategy and inventing new image of destination, and yet still need to be consolidated, especially from all the arts communities and economic actors. The single revenue from the tourisms industry, and its slowdown has been severely felt among the economic actors. Now the momentum and the right event agenda is needed than ever to give Bali destination a new dimension.

Jazz will be the anchor festival contents among many others festivals which will be held trough the months and also trough spatial urban. The Bali Jazz Festival program will express diverse programs and answering multi dimension community challenges.



  • Creating a new platform of cross-cultural dialog, among various cultures identities and nationalities.
  • Promoting the jazz lovers and association to take part of developing the sustainability festivals which will be held every year.
  • Enhancing the musician’s creativity, dialog and exchange.
  • Revitalize the Jazz community all around Indonesian cities to organize some degree of autonomy, to be able to benefit from Bali Jazz Festival event.
  • Developing and assisting the young musicians to enter to the industry world of recording.



  • Position Bali Jazz Festival as the anchor program. Prior to Bali Jazz Festival date, the event will begin with Shopping Fiesta Festival. For the closing event will ending with the Tropical Food Stall Festival.
  • Giving the momentum for all the economic actors to give supports as well as gaining opportunity from the event. Reinventing Bali by celebration, fiesta and participated by all group members of communities.



  • More than Jazz Festival, putting Bali Jazz Festivals as yearly world calendar event. On every year the organizer will select a theme and creating program which will deliver outstanding entertainment quality.
  • Articulate a community and local base initiatives, exposing their leading Indonesian products during that event. Prior and after the Jazz Festival, will be introduced Shopping and Food Festival.
  • To give certain dimension of revival multi sector economic stimulus. Accompanying all sponsors company position as the market leader to be in line with reinforcing Bali is the world trendsetter event


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