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Dwiki Dharmawan keyboard & syntesizer
Pra Budi Dharma electric fretless bass
Adhe Rudhiana kendang and percussions
Yoyon Dharsono multi traditional Instruments
Zainal Arifin gamelan and Percussions
Gerry Herb drummer
Nya Ina Raseuki vocalist

Style: Fusion Jazz / World Music
Country: Indonesia

Distinctive sound of Krakatau music originates from ancient Gamelan tonal system called ‘S’lendro’, which is known in Karawitan traditional music of Sunda, Java, and Bali. Based on S’lendro tonal system, Krakatau adapts Western diatonic musical elements, which energized by modern feels of jazz, rock and pop in a form of fusion with various ethnic rhythms of Indonesian musical traditions. Through devotion, Krakatau constantly developing its basic traditional Karawitan Gamelan musical style to donates new genre of sound into World Music. Despite the distinctive frequency of particular tone that could sound peculiar to Western ears, the treasure of rhythmic expression is valuable language to communicate to global audiences. Further more, Krakatau is continuously adapting Western diatonic elements into its basic S’lendro tonal system. The uniqueness of Krakatau music is indescribable by any exotic line of words, the only way to find out is that, "One must see and hear the difference".

KRAKATAU was founded in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 1985. The band made its international debut at the 1985 Yamaha Bands Explosion in Tokyo, Japan. At their performance at the 1993 Jakarta Jazz Festival, KRAKATAU revealed a bold new musical direction: from jazz-pop-fusion to the traditional music of Indonesia, specifically the sundanese traditions of West Java.

KRAKATAU first album, which utilized the microtonal system of the ancient gamelan tradition, was released in 1994, entitled “Mystical Mist”. In the years since the release of Mystical Mist, the band had been developing further more with additional three gamelan players to result the second album entitled “Magical Match”, released in the year 2000. Krakatau has begun exploring musical ideas beyond West Java (Sunda), drawing inspirations from the Indonesian archipelago’s staggeringly diverse musical cultures and traditions.

DWIKI DHARMAWAN (Micro-tuned Synthesizer)
Classically trained at an early age, he studied jazz in high school before founding Krakatau. Dwiki has worked as a jazz solo artist, producer and arranger for Krakatau and for many other popular artists in Indonesia. His solo album entitled “Nuansa” released under Sony Music Indonesia includes USA musicians. He has written music for Theater, Movies and serial TV programs and is currently active as the conductor and composer of the Indonesian Art Orchestra. He is also director of the Farabi Music Educational Center in Jakarta.

PRA BUDIDHARMA (Slendro Fretless Bass)
A graduate in fine Arts from the University of Washington, Pra played guitar and bass professionally in Seattle, USA for many years before returning to Indonesia in 1984 and founded Krakatau. He has studied and experimented with the traditional music’s of West Java since 1988. Besides working as Research and Development at the Farabi Music Educational Center in Jakarta, he also compose and arrange music for Krakatau.

ADHE RUDHIANA (Kendang and Percussion)
A kendang (Indonesian Barrel Drum) virtuoso and musical arranger, Adhe is currently an instructor at STSI, a prestigious art institute and conservatory in Bandung. Adhe has also done collaborative works for TV music program.

YOYON DHARSONO (Rebab,Tarompet,Suling,Voice))
Yoyon has been playing rebab, tarompet pencak, suling, and other Sundanese traditional instruments since childhood and is currently an instructor in Sundanese music performance at STSI, Bandung. His concert experience includes performances with Indonesian cultural delegations internationally.

ZAINAL ARIFIN (Bonang,Bangsing & Percussion)
Arifin is the best graduate from STSI, Institute of Karawitan Music in Bandung, specialized in playing Gamelan (bonangs and sarons) and percussion instruments. He is also a working musician at various local clubs and plays with several different bands as percussionist.

Playing drum for several groups in Indonesia with Tamam Hoessein, Farabi all stars, Indonesian art orchestra, Alf band and many more. He is also a working musician at various local clubs and drum instructor at Farabi music education centre.

NYAK INA RASEUKI (a.k.a Ubiet)
was born in Jakarta, and was raised in Aceh.Ubiet moved to Jakarta in the early 1980s, and attended The Jakarta Institute of the Arts to major in music-voice. As she gradually discovered other possibilities in voice, her focus became drawn to vocal music and its different singing styles and traditions. Ubiet maintains and nurtures collaborative relationships with several composers, and traditional musicians, and continues to perform locally and internationally. Ubiet's encounters with vocal music with concentration on voice embellishment are what led her to meet composer Tony Prabowo with whom and another five traditional Minang musicians she established a "new music" group, The New Jakarta Ensemble --they have released a CD entitled "Commonality" (1999, Siam Record, NY). She has also released another CD of an alternative popular music entitled"Archipelagongs" (2000, Warner Music Indonesia).

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